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MLK X1000 Desktop

MLK X1000 Desktop

Date:2016-8-4 8:50:55 Hits:705


• compact dimensions, does not occupy space, easy to move, easy operation, easy maintenance
• improve the processing and analysis software features, good practicality
• higher cost
• suitable for fast sampling and analysis to detect general BGA
• comes with 360-degree rotation of small clamps for the full range of exhaustive testing

Conventional process defects • BGA and other components

• connector
• Internal testing small components
• bottom welding high-power devices
• Flexible PCB weld inspection

rning: 0.0000pt; "> image of plus or minus 180 degree rotation automatic tracking function.
  .X / Y / Z1 / Z2 / T / R / P axis and 7-axis

  Technical Parameters

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