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Harness sectional image analysis analyzer progress

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-7-27 15:40:43 Hits:447
       Harness sectional analyzer is essential for our detection tools in industrial production, if the results are not so precise, it is possible to make unqualified products into the market as manufacturers, safety hazards caused by the economic losses are not invaluable, most importantly, will affect the vendor's credibility, so that, after the harness updated profile analysis instrument, whether it is in operation, the clarity of the graphics or data read on the analysis and comparison, than in the past has been a more significantly improved, effectively solve customer problems.
       The interception of the sample, this series of cutting and polishing process, it is used to support and use of new technologies imported products, so that the cross-sectional sample of terminals more smooth and delicate, so easy the next image acquisition, making the image clearer reduce errors and mistakes.
       In terms of image capture, harness profile analysis instrument using ultra-high-definition camera to shoot, so the imaging picture is very good, the true extent of the reduction is also high, you want to observe a clearer samples can also directly on the image on the screen amplification, range from 45 times to two hundred and fifty times ranging from very easy to use and user observation, which are relying on the camera captured the super high-definition images. The observed image device is using the latest technology support, with strong credibility and a sense of perspective. Looking for data, research data, analyze the data obtained from the results of only a matter of minutes.
       In the analysis of data and the results of the reports, not only is faster than in the past has been greatly improved, the entire measurement process is also more complete and detailed, multi-step all done automatically by the system.

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