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Terminal cross section analyzer Precautions during transport

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-7-27 15:39:27 Hits:477
     Terminal Terminal is a cross-sectional analysis analyzer apparatus is widely used in industry, it has a comprehensive, unique, fast and practical features, along with China's economic development, a variety of manufacturing companies continue to grow and develop, the terminal cross section Analyzers demand has been increasing every day, the new production of the terminal cross section analyzers are shipped all over the country.
     Terminal cross section analyzer belongs to high-precision electronic instruments, many parts are very fine and rare vulnerability, the first in a package will need these fragile components using a special bubble film packaging, use a thick foam packing box earthquake pad boxes, each corner corked shockproof bubble film to prevent the machine from wobbling.
     After packaging, in transit, should try to avoid a collision between each instrument should face up to put away the boxes, try to put the use of parallel by the way, to avoid the heavy cast or superimposed on each other in the box.
     At the same time use a rope to a box with the body fixed to avoid too intense shock at the poor road conditions which affects the terminal cross section of the analyzer components damaged.
     After transported to the terminal cross section of the analyzer should be opened to check whether the various parts intact, especially the relatively fragile LCD screen, microscopic glass, etc., and pay attention to the terminal jaws and other fine small parts, and confirmed that no damage gaps, all confirmed after they have finished the installation to start the instrument.
     Once installed, the power to the terminal cross section of the analyzer two minutes stabilization time and then automatically start testing the degree view of all aspects of the machine parts are functioning well, if there is a problem, first of all have to reinstall member make sure the problem is not installed, the view components to their own situation.

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