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Harness sectional analyzers use

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-7-27 15:37:00 Hits:446
       For people, the purchase of everyday things, quality is the most important commodity, often because people choose supermarket supermarket goods have passed strict quality, with excellent quality, buy big brand products is the same in considering the quality, but manufacturers in the production of the time, how to determine the quality of their products meet the standard of it? This is the role of the harness cross-section of the analyzer.
       For a lot of their own brands and with high quality standards and strict requirements of the manufacturers, for the pursuit of their product quality is also very strict, in front of each batch of products manufactured, the product should do sampling quality control, this time you need to use to harness sectional analyzer.
       First, you want to do a corresponding terminal sample test harness cut, used to facilitate the use of the analyzer, then we must open the harness sectional analyzer, to be intelligent system starts up, a corresponding terminal sample into the analyzer terminal clamps the analyzer will automatically analyze the sample constituent terminal, structure, rules, and so the pattern data through the full range of precision scanning and image zoom, the operator only needs according to the different steps some simple operations on the terminal sample, with analyzer can preset programs, such as the corrosion test sample into a special small slot, or to remove unwanted sample test done, clean the analyzer, etc., most of the analysis, can be done automatically by the analyzer.
      Harness sectional analyzer in use will be automatically prompted to enter the next stage, the operator need only according to instructions on the can, the analyzer sample analysis encompasses several terminals, including bearing pressure, tension, toughness, strength, corrosion resistance, degree of oxidation, and so on, so the product's performance test is very comprehensive and multifaceted.

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